In last week’s news…

Sesame Street’s The Count is out of a job, as Amazon Echo looks for someone new to be the voice of Alexa, ha ha ha.


UK News Nuggets

In last week’s news:

As BT develops its ultrafast internet infrastructure, it’s been ordered to share some of its poles. A number of care homes have expressed an interest.

And, in the latest well-thought-out bid to control domestic energy costs, Energy Secretary Greg Clark suggested replacing the energy price cap with an energy price woolly hat and blanket.

In recent news…

  • Hedgehog numbers in the UK are ‘down by half’, warn wildlife groups, although if they look at the other side of the road, they’ll find the other half.
  • Low rates of pay and workload pressures mean care services can no longer fill key posts in England, a watchdog says. The National Audit Office said a lack of government planning and funding had undermined the “Cinderella” service and its 1.34 million staff. The big question now is, “Where will people go to try on shoes?”