In last week’s news…

Sesame Street’s The Count is out of a job, as Amazon Echo looks for someone new to be the voice of Alexa, ha ha ha.


UK News Nuggets

In last week’s news:

As BT develops its ultrafast internet infrastructure, it’s been ordered to share some of its poles. A number of care homes have expressed an interest.

And, in the latest well-thought-out bid to control domestic energy costs, Energy Secretary Greg Clark suggested replacing the energy price cap with an energy price woolly hat and blanket.

In last week’s news…

  • The Icelandic Government is considering a ban on circumcision. As the UK rules this out, there is increasing suspicion of upcoming Government cuts.
  • The Government plans to use church spires to increase mobile phone coverage, so when you get your bill and say, “My God, how much?”, you might get an answer.

You saw it here first

Well, it’s 10 years since the first video was uploaded to You Tube. Called “Me at the zoo”, it featured one of You Tube’s founders standing in front of some elephants and saying nothing of any real interest.
Isn’t it amazing how this mode of communication has changed and developed over the decade, into what it is today: somewhere you can go to see videos of animals or people saying nothing of any real interest?

What do you call that?

We all know what a Selfie is, but what do you call a portrait photo, mostly for social media purposes, that is taken by someone else?
I think it should be called an Elsie.
If you agree, please start using and sharing the term. The English-speaking world needs this void to be filled!