In last week’s news…

  • The Icelandic Government is considering a ban on circumcision. As the UK rules this out, there is increasing suspicion of upcoming Government cuts.
  • The Government plans to use church spires to increase mobile phone coverage, so when you get your bill and say, “My God, how much?”, you might get an answer.

In recent news…

  • Hedgehog numbers in the UK are ‘down by half’, warn wildlife groups, although if they look at the other side of the road, they’ll find the other half.
  • Low rates of pay and workload pressures mean care services can no longer fill key posts in England, a watchdog says. The National Audit Office said a lack of government planning and funding had undermined the “Cinderella” service and its 1.34 million staff. The big question now is, “Where will people go to try on shoes?”