Mine’s a banana daiquiri

Reported in the news recently, it appears that chimpanzees like to drink alcohol. They have been seen in the Republic of Guinea drinking the equivalent of a bottle of wine’s alcohol in the form of fermented palm sap.

Researchers complained that they were kept awake at night by loud music, accompanied by shouting and car doors slamming as the chimps went their separate ways.

There were problems on the Guinea night bus, too, as some passengers were subjected to verbal and physical abuse. One passenger, a Mr Guy Riller, said, “At first they were just a bit boisterous, taking it in turns to hug me and tell me that they loved me, but then they started throwing bananas around the bus. When I complained, they pinned me to my seat and started picking fleas off my coat and eating them. I was particularly upset, as I was looking forward to eating them later myself.”

A spokesman for the Guinea Bus Company commented, “It’s shocking, the state some of our buses are in when they come back to the depot. I won’t go into details in the media, but suffice to say it isn’t only comments these chimps throw around when they’re in this state.”


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