Captain, the bladder cannae take it!

According to recent reports on the BBC, a man was confronted by Belfast police in July last year while he was urinating in the street. As the police stopped to talk to him, he started walking away with his genitals still exposed. When asked for his name, he replied, “I’m Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise.” He then started punching and kicking the officers before being “calmed down” with CS spray.
I don’t think he really thought through his defence strategy.
Firstly, Captain Picard would never initiate unprovoked violence.
Secondly, I don’t recall him ever urinating in a public place.
Thirdly, I’ve watched a lot of Star Trek, and I am sure that Captain Picard never walked around the Enterprise with his genitals exposed.
There was no way the police were going to believe he was the real Captain.


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