Great strategic corporate direction; No. 236

After a comment made by an MD to a Quality Manager in a meeting, the following email exchange occurred.
One of them was being serious.
Did you know that this sort of thing actually happens in some companies?

From the Quality Manager to the MD:
Appropriate tie length
Hi XXX (name redacted for legal reasons),
I could not but pick up on your remark about my tie wear.
Could you please specify an acceptable tie length?
This could be either by measured length from knot, or relative to body part (e.g. waist, belly, bottom or other).
Looking forward to receiving your response.
Best regards etc etc

From the MD to the Quality Manager
Re: Appropriate tie length
Hi XXX (see above note on redaction)
It is generally considered correct for a tie to fall to the level of your belt (to at least touch the top of the belt when standing upright).
I don’t wish to appear over picky about this, but it is all part of the ‘brand / image’ – which I rely on all of us, especially senior managers like yourself, to uphold.
Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation.
Best regards etc etc

…And so the company’s future was secure for another year.


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