So what?

When I watch most sports at an elite level, I think to myself, “I couldn’t do that.” But the Winter Olympics are upon us, and some winter sports are different.
Long distance speed skating; so not the exciting one where a group of skaters hurtle around and plough into each other, but the one where two people at a time skate around in what looks like a very leisurely fashion, gently swinging an arm – ONE arm, not even both – and slowly and rhythmically skate left, right, left, right, left zzzzzzz. I can do that. Not sure I could carry off the outfits, though. Where do you keep your sandwiches? One bloke I saw had definitely brought a fruit basket to snack on.
And curling. Don’t get me started. Anyone who thinks sweeping the floor is a sport needs their head examined.
And freestyle skiing. Racing down the mogul field (the bumpy bit for the beginners amongst you), and turning twisty somersaults off the kickers. I was watching that tonight, and I thought, “I could do that,” and then it dawned on me. The difference between me and the elite freestyle skiers is that they do it deliberately.


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