Not another password

That’s it. I’m running out of ideas now.
My email account has been ‘compromised’, and I need to reset my password. What on God’s earth is a combination of a minimum of eight upper and lower case letters and numbers that I haven’t used anywhere else and that I stand even the remotest chance of remembering?
I used to use favourite family terms of the moment, for example, the latest cute words my children had come out with. The problem there is that they can be a little embarassing. If you ever have to own up to your password being ‘winkleface’ it can be difficult socially.
Next it was pets. Once they die, though, it becomes a painful reminder every time you log in to your email account.
The same with family relatives.
Birthdays? Too easy to hack.
Nicknames? Same again. As soon as someone calls you by your nickname in a public place, you can hear everyone tapping away on their mobile phones, hacking into your email.
I tried to use kjbbhfrr72, but my account thought I was a spammer and shut me out.
So I’ve decided to opt out of email for the time being. Whilst I might miss out on fantastic holiday deals, superb offers on all the clothing I never wanted to buy, and amazing ways to win at roulette, I will have more time away from the computer, maybe meeting up with my friends for a chat and a drink. If I could remember my PIN to get some cash out, I could even buy a round.


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