Answer the question

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard one of those really annoying interviews with a politician that wouldn’t answer the question, but instead simply parroted the party line. How does he manage at the shops?
“Can I help you, sir?”
“The service industries in this country are kept going by people living in poverty on the minimum wage, and the Government refuses to do anything about it.”
“These shirts are very popular, sir. Have you seen one you like?”
“Fashion can lead children into dangerous territory. Look at the current trend to take drugs, yet the Prime Minister’s Drugs Tsar refuses to legalise cannabis.”
“Perhaps this blue one, sir?”
“Blue? They’re no more blue than I am. It’s the Lib Dems that are pulling the strings on this one.”
“How about this one with the double cuff.”
“My father used to cuff me when I was naughty, but under this Government you can’t even smack your own children. It’s political correctness gone mad.”
“Shall I put it in a bag for you?”
“Unless the Government actually legislates against plastic bags, we won’t see any significant change in shopper behaviour.”
“Will you be paying with cash or card, sir?”
“The inability of the Government to make any stand against child labour has put British jobs at risk, yet kept the price affordably low.”
“Cash then.”
“OK. And may I have a receipt for twice the amount for my expenses, please?”


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