Life in prison

So the UK Government is looking for a way around the European decision that it contravenes human rights to give someone a life sentence jail term. It is proposing to do this by giving, instead, jail terms of hundreds of years.
Since when has a two hundred year sentence not been life?
What sort of health regime do they have in prisons these days? I know prisoners sometimes do a lot of exercise in the gym to pass the time, but do they have access to the fountain of youth, too? I saw the film “Scum” and I don’t recall the food looking that nutritious.
And if prisoners are going to live that long, the prisons are going to fill up very quickly. We’ll need to set a whole county aside for them. Let’s pick [fill in your preferred county or state here] to cut down on travel time. And law-abiding folk will want to commit crimes to improve their life expectancy, so crime rates will soar.
“Don’t be daft,” you cry, “people won’t live to be over two hundred years old.”
Of course they won’t, but with good behaviour they’ll be out in a hundred.


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